Does anyone else find it extremely hard to fill this section with all these facts and accomplishments about yourself?? I DO! Where do I even begin? I'll start with the questions all my clients ask me while I'm doing their makeup.

How long have you been doing makeup?

12 years!!! Holy moly where did time go? It feels like it was yesterday that I decided I wanted to make women feel beautiful and pursue makeup. 

What were you doing before you knew you wanted to do makeup?

I was a high school student who painted murals and abstract paintings for a hobby. I always found myself talking (out loud) when I was in my room painting. One day (jokingly) I said to myself "I need to find something that I can paint that talks back to me!" So, here we are 10 years later and I found that! IT'S YOU!

Did you teach yourself everything you know?

Sure did! Youtube was not a thing when I was younger. So reading all the makeup books and trying it out on myself or friends was how I learned the basics of makeup. 

Is there a favorite brand you like to work with?

That's the hardest question EVER! I have worked with 40+ brands and I can't choose. 

How did you choose the wedding industry?

I have been in the wedding industry since childhood when my mother was a wedding planner. I remember going to sleep to the smell of flowers because our whole living room was filled for the wedding coming up. 


If you are reading this then you have made it to the end of the interview that I receive at every wedding. I hope you know me a little bit more and see the passion I have for making women feel beautiful. My goal at every wedding is to bring makeup, makeup tips, and laughter. When I'm done with your wedding I want you and your bridal party to say they had a fun time getting ready. So here is to hopefully making the morning of your wedding fun and full of laughter...oh and makeup. :)